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How It Works?

You can send money with the following four easy steps

Kobo trade Create an acccount

1. Create an account

Download our app and signup within minutes. It's easy and free.

Kobo trade Fund your CAD wallet

2. Fund your CAD wallet

Using the interac Electronic Money Transfer, you fund your wallet in minutes. All transfers are secure and we do not store your banking details.

Kobo trade Set up a transfer

3. Set up a transfer

Add a beneficiary (recipient), enter an amount to send or amount to receive in foreign currency. The appropriate amount will be displayed on the screen and deducted from your wallet.

Kobo trade That's it

4. That's it!

Track your transfer from the app. We payout to beneficiary as promised within few minutes.

Why choose kobotrade?

Kobotrade offers you reliable, efficient and affordable remittance to Africa plus more benefits.

Send More and Earn More

Kobotrade offers you instant $20 transaction bonus for every $5,000 accumulated transfers, you will earn continuous bonus for every accumulated $5,000.

Easy to use

Sending funds to Nigeria is easy; we have an interactive system that guides you from start to finish.

Track, view current and past transfers

View history of all the previous transfers as well as track status of your active transfers.

Refer Kobotrade to your family and friends and earn referral bonus

Earn $10 for every successful referral. Visit our Refer a Friend page to know more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to below FAQs to know more about our services. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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  • Is there a limit to how much I can send?
  • How long will it take for the funds to get to the beneficiary's account?
  • Why do I need to verify my Identity?
  • How often do I have to verify my Identity
  • How does the Kobotrade referral program work?
  • How much can I earn through the Referral program?
  • How safe is my personal information, data and Identity
  • Which countries do Kobotrade payments support?
  • Which is the acceptable identity card for verification?
  • How do I fund my Kobotrade wallet?
  • How can I contact Kobotrade if I have more questions or concerns

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