International Remittance: Top 5 reasons to send money from Canada to Nigeria

International Remittance: Top 5 reasons to send money from Canada to Nigeria

International Remittance: Top 5 reasons to send money from Canada to Nigeria

The notion of international remittance has become very popular in recent years. With money transfer services becoming more accessible, sending money from Canada to Nigeria is much easier than ever. It helps immensely, and it certainly offers an excellent way for people in Canada to transfer money to their families back home in Nigeria.

These remittances are crucial because they have a significant role in helping those still in Nigeria. When you move out for work in Canada, generating a good income at first can be difficult. Many challenges arise, but eventually, you want to work there and focus on making a name for yourself. Yet it can be hard to achieve such a thing, and that’s what you want to consider in the long run. Plus, there are plenty of reasons you want to send money back home; below are some significant reasons.

Medical emergencies

A good reason to use the best money transfer app from Canada to Nigeria is to send funds for a medical emergency. Whether it’s surgery or a general checkup, these are very important. You will always have various family and friends facing unforeseen health challenges and many different medical emergencies. Due to poor medical facilities back home in Nigeria, sending funds becomes a significant thing to keep in mind.

Educational expenses

As we know, education can be a substantial financial burden today. Whether it's the cost of textbooks, tuition fees, or other educational expenses, they can quickly accumulate. That's precisely why managing and addressing these educational expenses effectively is essential. Doing so can significantly enhance the overall educational experience for your loved ones studying in Nigeria. Supporting your family's academic pursuits by sending money is pivotal to their financial independence.

Festival expenses

Sending money home also encompasses festival expenses, which can present unique challenges. A prime example is the Eid festival, Christmas, and easter, but numerous other festivals require financial planning. These festivals hold significant cultural and social importance, often relying on remittance funds for successful execution. Sending money from Canada to Nigeria to celebrate these festivities is a meaningful way to contribute.

Monthly expenses

Monthly expenses are vital to consider regarding our African values to assist our families in need. Families and individuals residing in Canada often send money to support their families' day-to-day needs in Nigeria. This includes facilitating the payment of essential utility bills, like water, electricity and food.

By sending money through a reliable remittance service, you empower your family members to maintain a comfortable and functional household environment. It ensures that they can continue to access essential utilities without disruption, ensuring their well-being and quality of life.

Special day celebrations

Parties, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, all of these can incur certain costs that you have to think about. So it’s a good idea to transfer money from Canada to Nigeria to help and support everyone at home.


These international remittances are very helpful since they help people in need back home. It can be challenging to take into account, but in the end, it will deliver excellent results and undoubtedly eliminate downsides. That’s what matters the most, so use it as an advantage, and remember, the more you focus on using an excellent money remittance service to cover these expenses, the better it will be!

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